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Seedy Njie regrets ruffling of journalists at APRC nomination

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APRC spokesperson Seedy Njie has condemned the attack on two Gambian journalists Monday afternoon, saying he was “ashamed” the assaulters were supporters of his party.
Fatu Network journalist Abdoulie John and Lamin Ceesay of Gambia Talents Promotion were attacked and ruffled separately.

Mr Ceesay told The Standard on the sidelines that he was only “shooting a video” when security men belonging to Ousman Rambo Jatta, the APRC candidate, attacked him for allegedly taking a video of the candidate.

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When asked what prompted the aggrieved supporters’ attack on him, veteran journalist Mr John replied: “Nothing. I didn’t do anything to them.”

A freelance journalist who asked for anonymity also stated: “I didn’t even know how it started, but I saw John getting knocked on the head.”
And Seedy Njie, who watched as the hoo-ha unfolded, told The Standard the attacks were “unacceptable.”“As responsible people, we will not accept nor tolerate this,” he said.

“I was there and would like to apologise to Abdoulie John. As a party we are going to take very stringent action and address this. We will deal with this supporter.
“I am ashamed and I express our unreserved apology to the IEC and to the members of the media. It is regrettable.”

Mr Njie said the action of the attackers was not “an action of the APRC,” and appealed to media workers to continue the good work they have been doing with the APRC.

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