Seedy Njie says UDP supporting No To Coalition

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By Tabora Bojang

The deputy spokesman of the National People Party Seedy Njie has told a mass rally in Tallinding that he was reliably told that the opposition UDP is financially supporting the splinter group of the APRC in the coming elections in a scheme designed to eat and split the votes intended for Bakary Badjie. “You must all be aware of it and not be distracted,” he told a cheering crowd. 

Though the group has since denied such claims, Seedy Njie, however declared that a senior UDP official had confided in him that they are behind the No to Coalition with financial support.


 Mr Njie went on to allege that despite the resources at the disposal of the KMC that nothing has been achieved by incumbent KM Mayor Talib Bensouda in his tenure as mayor.

 “KMC is the biggest municipality and the largest contributor to our economy. Every year KMC collects hundreds of millions in taxes and other earnings but what has Talib done with all this money?  When Yankuba Colley was the mayor he worked with the government and put the people at the center of his priorities to build roads, markets, and schools and provided electricity to the people. But Talib has not achieved anything on these issues since 2018. I challenge the people of KM to tell us where in the whole municipality has Talib build one-meter square road, a single electricity pole, a single tap head, a single school, or market,” Njie said.

 He added: “President Barrow has declared that he wants to work with the people of KM and that is why he gave you Bakary Badjie and I urge all those who are paying for the collection of garbage to go out and vote for him. The NPP is the majority in KM and Talib and the UDP are the minority. But if we fail to go out in our large numbers with our families, brothers, and neighbors we are going to regret it because the seat will be maintained by the opposition,” Njie warned NPP supporters.