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PPP’s Jainaba Bah unveils plans for BAC

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By Lamin Cham

Jainaba Bah, the first nominated female candidate for Chairperson of Brikama Area Council (BAC), has spoken of her plans to be the voice and advocate for women’s participation in politics if elected as chairperson of Brikama Area Council.

Bah who is contesting on the ticket of the Peoples Progressive Party said her candidature is a demonstration that women can go beyond dancing, clapping, and being cheerleaders in politics to become decision makers and policy formulators.

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Madame Bah said as women this is the time to come together and show the world that women can be the finest leaders as ‘we are naturally true-born leaders’. ”If we can run our homes with our eyes closed, we can assume leadership at any level,” she said.

“The reason I am contesting is because I have first-hand experience of our struggle as women. I use the same markets as you, my children and I use the same hospitals for health care as all of you. Most male politicians always give us false hopes for women’s empowerment, and I believe this is the time for us to take charge to empower ourselves and do it for ourselves,” Jainaba said.

She said if elected her priority will be to unify all of the West Coast and lead them to a united direction and purpose. “Most of my fellow contestants are already in divisive politics, so you should elect me, as I see beyond religion, political parties, ethnicity, gender, disability, or any form of discrimination,” Jainaba said.

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The PPP candidate said women are the most vulnerable and the first-hand sufferers of a bad system.

“For example, women end up losing their lives during childbirth due to lack of proper support during pregnancy. “My administration will provide nurses with antenatal and postnatal services to minimise the death rate during childbirth and after the early stage of delivery.

Under my administration, agricultural projects will be supported by helping farmers to form the West Coast farmers union and my office will work hand in hand with them to sell their products both at home and abroad. We will bring back the adult literacy programme by using our existing regional schools to help adults and school dropouts who are in businesses or show interest in learning basic English and mathematics. Scholarship will be reasonably provided to underprivileged students at all levels.

My administration will be putting in support to promote and develop local businesses and tackle corruption by monitoring and ensuring that revenues are collected and distributed fairly.”, Jainaba said. She said waste collection and communication, such as transportation and feeder roads, are among her top priorities.

“Please follow the campaign for more of my development plans. I am the change we need, the voice we deserve,” Jainaba tells West Coast voters.

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