Sheikh Dr. Mbye Kebba Kah, eminent scholar


Sheikh Dr. Mbye Kebba Kah is the son of Sering Alhagie Kah, son of Sering Mass Kah (may Allah have mercy on them). Sering Mam Mass Kah is the founder of Medina Sering Mass Village of Lower Niumi, North Bank Region, in The Gambia. His mother is Mam Mbayang Sarr, from Mbanta Village in the North Bank Region. Mbye Kebba Kah was born in the early 1950s in Medina Sering Mass. His grandfather Sering Mass Kah is said to be amongst the eldest Islamic scholars in the Senegambia region. He was the source of Islamic knowledge and education to many scholars; the likes of Sering Omar Saho, Sering Cherno Omar Jallow, just to name a few. Mbye Kebba Kah is amongst the of Sering Alhagie Kebba Kah’s sons.

Mbye Kebba Kah lost his mother at a very early age and was raised by his late grandmother (Tanta Kumba Nyang) in Banjul (then Bathurst).

Tanta Kumba Nyang was the wife of his grandfather Mam Ismaila Ndoye. He was with them until his early youth in early 1960s when he returned to Medina Sering Mass and started studies with his Late Father Sering Alhagie Kebba Kah. In his quest for Islamic knowledge, he continued is his studies with his


late father.

He also had been learning from few of his elder

brothers such as Sering Muhammad Kebba Kah (1st male born of his father),

Imam Hadi Alieu Kah, Imam Cherno lieu Kah and Qadi Tijan Kebba Kah, just to name a few. In the early 1970s, he proceeded to an Islamic School in Banjul, where he was taught by Shaykh Ahmed Khalid Al-Banna (May Allah bless his soul) who was sent to The Gambia by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ibn Bazz RAHIMAHUALLAH (May Allah bless his soul). The Sheikh had taught him Figh, Hadith, Tafsir, standardization, terminology and grammar, and

many more according to the study program of the Saudi Ministry of Education at that time. In 1982, he lost his late father Sering Alhagie Kebba Kah (May Allah have mercy on him). Later in the same year, he was awarded a Scholarship to study at the Islamic University of Madinah. Kinad of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Mbye Kah has spent most of his life in the cause of Knowledge and education having gone through many Schools before and after his educational career. He has at least 40 years of experience in the educational sector. He has taught in schools such as Wesley School, St. Therese’s School and Campama School before he left for studies in the Islamic University of Madina. He has been lecturer at the University of The

Gambia since his return from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2001. He has been an Imam at the State House Mosque in Banjul since 2002. He is the Current

Secretary General of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council and the Deputy Secretary General of the Union of African Ulamas (Scholars) He is currently serving as the Vice Chancellor of the Al- Hikmah University (under the Gambia Islamic Union) and Dean of the Faculty of Education for Girls.

 He is also a Senior Lecturer at the Al-Ihsan University in Banjulinding, The Gambia.


Islamic University of Madinah

Doctor of philosophy (PhD),

Islamic Law (Honours), Excellent 1995 – 2001

Islamic University of Madinah

Masters of Arts (M.A.), Islamic Jurisprudence (Honours), Excellent 1992 – 1995

Islamic University of Madinah

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Arabic Studies & Islamic Law, Excellent 1987 – 1991.