To the electoral commission


Dear editor,

The IEC must understand the importance of efforts and dangers of indifference. Among the reasons of low voter turnout in the parliamentary elections is not knowing enough of candidates. As simple as having websites or social media addresses of candidates can boost interest. Excuse mongers can claim twenty percent of voters are illiterate but boosting the turn out of the literate is one thing, but they can also influence the illiterate through what they learn. Good choices tend to have many more greater spin-offs. Asking and answering questions on recorded social media is much harder than giving ten different answers in private homes, based on eye readings and other factors. Every age comes with its tests and opportunities, do not under utilize the opportunities of those who pay you. The government gives you taxpayers’ money, so helping the voter know who to vote for is everyone’s responsibility, but more so those paid to think and accept thinkers on improving our democracy. Giving me the name and party of a candidate is not enough, help us with links. The candidates paid you fees and mentioning their website is not too much ‘advertisement’, but a spin off that may spin down to some. Candidates will learn about other candidates through claims or evidence for votes. We cannot run from the future and being late does not help.

Internet campaign through IEC requires almost no money, internet registration is feasible now, and early voting should seriously be considered. Explaining to voters that the law was not Ramadan accommodating may help calm some.


Again, type of website you have should change or have social media accounts for discussions.

We thank God for the peaceful elections, urge our MPs to use conscience over parties desire. We urge the media and others to learn and teach. Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

Jarga Kebba Gigo

Activist and transformer