Sister of murdered Gambian-American calls for Saul Badjie’s arrest

Sister of murdered Gambian-American calls for Saul Badjie's arrest


By Alagie Manneh

Olay Ceesay, a sister of murdered Gambian-American Alagie Ceesay, has called for the immediate arrest of former state guard commander Saul Badjie who was implicated in the gruesome murder of her brother.

Mr Ceesay and his friend Ebou Jobe went missing in The Gambia during a visit in 2013. The truth commission found that they were killed by the junglers, holding the former president Jammeh, Saul Badjie and others responsible.


Mr Badjie has since returned to the country but many people have questioned why he is yet to be arrested, or if he will face justice for his crimes.

Ms Ceesay, speaking from her base in the US, said Mr Badjie’s motive of returning to The Gambia “surprised” her.

“Did he come back to turn himself in or has he been assured of his safety from higher powers hence his bravery to come back?” Ms Ceesay asked. “Only time will tell,” she added.

Ms Ceesay said Saul Badjie must face justice for all he has done.

“He has been implicated in my brother’s murder, and I believe in the murders of others. He didn’t attend the TRRC. He waited until after to show up. The TRRC recommendation for him and others to be prosecuted must be followed to the letter. He should be arrested and tried like anyone who is implicated. Michael Sang Correa is currently going through trial in the US due to implications. The same should happen to Saul Badjie,” she said.

Ms Ceesay urged President Barrow to act accordingly and do what is right.

“I hope President Barrow will follow through with the recommendations as the world is watching. The steps he takes will shape his legacy for years to come. So, I really hope he acts swiftly and make implementation of TRRC recommendations his number.”