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Tango director: Turo Darboe deserves national, international recognition

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Speaking Sunday after distribution of fish, sugar, tea, dates and money to hundreds of people at the organisation’s headquarters, he posited: “I think it is an excellent endeavour. There are poor people in this country. There are people who don’t have and if you are fortunate enough to have you should share it whether Ramadan or no Ramadan. I think Turo is one of those people who are doing what is Islamic. Islam says if you don’t have you should share and he has been doing this for years. I have seen the number of children and adults who went out with something they can eat or spend. It is not that these people are sitting down waiting for charity but they are people who don’t have.

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“I think Turo’s efforts should be recognised nationally and even internationally. He has built police stations, he has rehabilitated roads and supported hospitals which have a positive impact on the lives of people. When you go to Europe and other places it is big charities which are able to do this kind of work   and he is doing that here. It will serve as a lesson for the children when they grow up to help the poor if they can afford to help. What you have learnt is what you do. What Modou has been doing should be emulated throughout The Gambia. Helping the poor and disabled and human beings in general is a divine injunction. I think this is in an effort aimed at fulfillment of that injunction .I have seen him give food and money to men, women and children. In fact, this is my second time to be invited to help distribute charity. I am very pleased to be part of this.”


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