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Bissau war veterans extol Jammeh’s solidarity with Bissau

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Speaking to The Standard, Ebrima Mané who took part in the jungle war under the leadership of Amilcar Cabral with the war name Abel Jassey said: “First and foremost, I would like to congratulate President Jammeh on the 20th anniversary of July 22nd. This is a very important day for us because President Jammeh is a leader who has dedicated himself to realising the lofty ideals of pan-Africanism. This is amply demonstrated in his recent donation of twelve vehicles to the government of Guinea Bissau during the presidential inauguration. He has stood by Guinea Bissau in times of peace and war always advocating for the peaceful co-existence of our people and work to achieve real independence for development.

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“Guinea Bissau is endowed with a lot of resources but has been plagued by poor leadership which is why we need the constant support and solidarity of a strong African leader like President Jammeh. President Jammeh is a champion of development whose 20 years of rule has seen a lot of infrastructural development such as roads, schools, bridges and public buildings to accelerate development. We hope that he will continue to provide guidance and support to our leaders for the peace and prosperity of Guinea Bissau”.

For his part, Jose Abdulai Mané who was sent for studies by Amilcar Cabral in Russia and served as secretary general of Guinea Bissau Independent Electoral Commission in The Gambia, said: “President Jammeh is an example of the kind of strong leaders Africa needs for peace and prosperity. Africa is the richest continent in the world when it comes to natural resources yet we are the poorest because we do not have leaders like president Jammeh in sufficient numbers. We need strong leaders who can use our resources to make sure development occurs not banana leaders. We pray for President Jammeh a healthy and long life to continue serving Gambia, Africa and the entire world”.


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