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The CRC tour

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The decision of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) to embark on a consultative tour of Europe, America and some African countries is a step in the right direction.

Never before has any constitution received such wide consultation and thus varying views and opinions.

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It is agreed that as a constitution is for everyone, it will be beneficial if as many citizens as possible are consulted so that people can take ownership of it when it is ready.

The idea of including diaspora Gambians among those to be consulted is a commendable one.

The Gambians in the diaspora have contributed immensely in the effort to rescue the country from dictatorship and usher in a democratic one.

It is therefore necessary for them to be given the opportunity to air their views on various issues concerning the new constitution.

One of the things that they may suggest is the right to be included in the voting process henceforth.

Perhaps it will also be necessary for the Constitutional Review Commission to explore the idea of having a representative of the diaspora in the legislative body from now on.

Certainly, some countries now see it as necessary to reserve a seat for their nationals who are in the outside world.

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