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The ferry services

A large section of the Gambian population lives on the other side of the River Gambia which has cut in half, almost, the two parts of the country.

A huge chunk of people in the North Bank Region have to come to Banjul or the Kombos on a daily basis either to work or take care of some social issues.

The crossing at the ferry terminal though is not as easy and stress-free as it should be so commuters suffer a lot of inconveniences there regularly.

Of recent, the ferries have not been good at all and sometimes for a whole day, there won’t be any ferry or there would be only one and as such thousands of people will be stranded there.

The ramp, which has been there since its inception during the first Republic, is so old and dilapidated that it frequently has problems which cause a lot of difficulties for people who are crossing particularly those who wish to cross with their vehicles.

In the past two weeks or so for instance, many vehicle owners have incurred some heavy losses there when their vehicles were damaged after attempting to disembark from the ferry when the ramp was still up.

When the ferry reaches its destination and the ramp is to be brought down to enable vehicles and people to disembark, a vehicle has to be driven on it so that it can come down to make it possible to pass.

It is unimaginable that after all these years, and with all the money that is made in that institution, things like this could be allowed to continue to disturb the public almost all the time.

It would have been thought that the authorities at Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) would pay attention to this and ensure that standard services are provided for the people who use their services on a daily basis.

It is the duty of the Authority to provide quality services to the people and provide money for the Government to embark on national development.

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