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The Gambia and the UDP are suffering from the same problem: leadership crisis

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Dear Editor,

I don’t listen to a certain kind of people but Ahmed Gitteh is right. The UDP has a leadership crisis and until the leadership crisis is resolved, the party will continue to lose presidential elections in The Gambia.

The leadership crisis in the UDP is a crisis of capacity and the capability of the party leader – the capacity to lead making intelligent political decisions and the political policy agenda for change and national development in The Gambia.

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When we talk about the leadership crisis in the UDP, some people have a heart attack.

These are mostly people who have no capacity and capabilities themselves in politics – the standards of the political leadership qualities (policy ideas) expected from the leader of the opposition for change.

So they don’t understand when we talk about change and national development in The Gambia questioning the leadership capabilities of the opposition leader.

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It’s not a personal critique but an exposition on obstacle to change in The Gambia.

If you don’t understand the nature of the socio-economic development challenges facing The Gambia, you can’t change and develop the national economy improving the living standards of the people.

The crisis of leadership in the UDP is that of the capacity of the party leader. The party leader seemed incapable of making sensible political decisions. The party leader doesn’t seem to have the policy ideas to change and reform Gambian politics and the economic development policy paradigm.

The lack of capacity and capabilities of the opposition leader in The Gambia is the obstacle to change in the country.

Ordinary Gambians are not wowed by the political agenda of the opposition leader for change and that’s the main obstacle to change in The Gambia.

Yes there’s tribal and stupid politics in The Gambia but the UDP has to recognise that the party has a leadership crisis.

The party leader is out of his depth and that’s the fire fuelling the tribal and stupid politics in The Gambia.

The UDP needs a new party leader. The new party leader must have capacity and capabilities in politics and economics: promise to change and reform the governance of The Gambia’s political economy.

We can’t have an opposition leader exchanging gossip politics with the clueless president while the national economy is through the floor.

Nothing is working in The Gambia!

The Gambia like the UDP is overwhelmed by the crisis of leadership, capacity and competency.

You can bury your head under the sand and pretend that everything is fine with the leadership qualities of the opposition leader in The Gambia. That won’t make the problem go away.

It’s almost impossible for the UDP to win the presidential election in The Gambia under its current leadership and political strategy.

You can win the area council elections which does not amount to much. The UDP has to change its political approach, political policy agenda for change and political strategy to win the presidential election in The Gambia. That’s the crisis of leadership the party must have to get on top of.

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang

Scotland, UK

Re: Mai says Gambia should not interfere in Senegal’s internal politics

Dear Editor,

Mai Fatty, tell us, what is to interfere and not to interfere? Your statements are very hypocritical. Tell Macky Sall the truth. Tell him the truth. How many political opponents has Macky Sall eliminated, imprisoned or exiled? The likes of Karim Wade and Khalifa Sall. What is wrong in the night is still wrong during the day!

Imran Bojang


Dear Editor

How can you of all people talk about interfering in internal matters? You principally, got the Senegalese to interfere in the internal matters of The Gambia. In fact you championed it and during the political impasse of December 2916/January 2017, you were all over on all the Senegalese TVs telling them to intervene. So it is today that you’ll open your big mouth to say states should not interfere in the internal matters of other states?

Ismaila Badjie


Dear Editor,

Mai Fatty what is your problem? The Gambia and Senegal are one people. Our neighbour’s house is on fire and you are saying we should not interfere. What type of leader are you, leader of a dead party?

Macky is not a strong democrat as alluded you would want us to believe. If he was a model democrat Senegal would not have been in the mess it is.  He wants to do to Sonko what he has done to others and here you are calling him a democrat. Stop deceiving the people.

Sanna Senghore


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