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The numbers are scary

A trepidatious fear has gripped citizens in The Gambia as the numbers of the coronavirus or COVID-19 rise to twenty. Since the emergence of this dreaded virus, the number of cases in the country has remained low despite numerous cases in the surrounding countries.

During the previous week, a positive case in Bakau which prompted health officials to conduct mass tests there to see whether the disease isn’t more widespread than previously thought.

After that exercise, it has emerged that at least one or two of those who were tested were found to be positive. This has sent shockwaves to the people as the thought of being found positive assails them.

What these numbers reveal is that the measures taken by the Government of the Gambia through the Ministry of Health are working but should be strengthened so that the spread of the virus is halted in its tracks.

It has also been realized that most of the cases that have been reported in the country were imported cases but that is beginning to change as one of the new cases was found to be a close contact of the twelfth case. These are the more scary cases as when that type of spreading begins it can be faster and more difficult to control.

It is necessary for the Government of the Gambia and the general population to understand that this disease is very serious and that the Gambia cannot afford to register hundreds of cases let alone thousands. It is crucial therefore to tighten belts and stop the spread of coronavirus.

The issue of sensitization and awareness creation should be intensified by the Government and the civil society to ensure that those who still doubt the existence if the virus or those who think that it is a conspiracy can be convinced that it is true.

The fight against coronavirus is as much that of information as it is of medicine.

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