The quarantine escapees


The Ministry of Health reported Tuesday that some four people among those who flew into the country on SN Brussels flight earlier this week escaped the authorities in a bid to avoid being quarantined for the required two weeks. The quarantine is necessary, according to health experts, to verify whether or not those people have the coronavirus.

It is unfortunate that there are people who are not willing to cooperate with the health authorities to halt the further spread of the virus in the country. The Government, through the Ministry of Health, has put in place measures calculated to limit the number of people affected by this deadly virus.

It is the responsibility of every citizen to assist the Government in ensuring that the coronavirus does not spread widely in the country as it is clear that the country does not have the ability to deal with a huge number of patients with coronavirus.


In fact, as there is neither cure nor vaccine, countries around the world are focusing all their efforts on prevention at the moment. This is the best way to avoid a large number of coronavirus related deaths at the moment.

Though the airport has opened, citizens or noncitizens who do not want to be quarantined should do well to stay where they are until such time that these restrictions have been lifted. It is morally wrong to come to the country and flout the rules put in place for selfish interest.

Being in quarantine for the required duration is in fact protecting of one’s loved ones first and foremost and then the general public. If a person loves their family then such a person should not do anything that will put their loved ones in danger of contracting a deadly virus.

Those who have escaped and are not yet found should endeavor to report themselves to the health authorities so that appropriate action can be taken. The ordinary citizens who know anyone who is supposed to be under quarantine should consider it a moral responsibility to notify the authorities.