The rains are here again


Being a country largely dependent on Agriculture, the nation certainly needs and welcomes the rains. Usually, in mid-June every year, the heavens open up and pour down blessed water which enables our farmers cultivate the food that we survive on.

This year, like always, the rains have begun and we welcome it and pray that it be beneficial to the nation. May it be a rainy season of bumper harvest so that our food baskets will be filled to the brim. May it be rains of blessings and not that of destruction.

However, despite the anticipation and the welcoming of this most important season, we equally have to be aware of the dangers and destructions that it comes with. Thus, we have to plan well and prepare to avert any form of destruction of lives and properties by the rains.


Unfortunately, in some of our areas, the disaster preparedness is lacking or in some instances, nonexistent. This can cause a lot of damages and destruction to the areas which will be a loss for the nation as a whole.

It is important that we prepare ourselves well and take all precautions to ensure that no one loses his/her life or livelihoods.