TRRC reconciles Chief Jarjusey with Si-Kunda community


By Amadou Jadama in LRR

As part of its reconciliation programme, the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission on Saturday travelled to Si- Kunda village in Jarra West to reconcile the community and Chief Yaya Jarjusey.

The chief had a difficult relation with the community of Si-Kunda who accused him of violating their human rights on political grounds. The chief appeared at the TRRC on 19 May to admit that  he violated the rights of the community by imposing an alkalo on them as well as prosecuting and taking them to Jangjangbureh prisons where some of the victims developed health complications.


According to TRRC officials, it was Chief Jarjusey who tasked them to facilitate the mediation. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Imam Ousainou Jallow, the chairman of the Reconciliation Committee praised Chief Jarjusey for his humility and courage to accept his mistakes.

The imam said the whole world is in conflict today because people make mistakes and don’t want to accept that they are the creator of that problem.

“But for this chief, he decided to accept his fault and sought forgiveness from his victims. He came to us at TRRC and showed that he decided to make peace with his people. This is not very common and it is very courageous and good show of humbleness.”

Imam Jallow further called on Gambians to make peace with themselves and their neighbours. “By so doing, we will receive the blessing of Allah”.

In his apology, the chief Yaya Jarjusey who used the traditional way by bringing along cola nuts, appealed to the community of Si-Kunda for forgiveness, adding that it was human to make mistakes but it is very important for one to accept his mistakes,  and apologise.

Alhagie Mansa Jammeh, the alkalo of Si-Kunda who spoke on behalf of the victims accepted the chief’s apology, and further called on him to adhere to the Never Again slogan of TRRC, and stay away from any attempt or temptation to commit unlawful act against his people. 

TRRC Commissioner Kinteh used the occasion to advise the people of Si-Kunda and Gambians in general, particularly the youth who are the cream of the society to adhere to the spirit of the Commission in bringing unity among the families, adding that The Gambia is one family state. The ceremony was attended by villagers and other dignitaries, including the alkalo of Jarra Soma, all of whom praised the initiative and thanked the TRRC for facilitating the event.