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UDP leader confident of Baddibu’s unshakeable loyalty

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By Amadou Jadama

The leader of the United Democratic Party, Ousainu Darboe, has reiterated his confidence in the people of Baddibu who have never failed to support the party since its inception in 1996.

UDP leader made these comments on Monday as he received a delegation from a group calling itself All Baddibu, which came to reaffirm their support to him in the wake of the defection of former campaign manager Momodou Sabally, who hails from the area.

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Mr Darboe said he knows for a fact that since the formation of the All Baddibu group, they have been pushing the agenda of the UDP. “This year 2024, a good 28 years since I joined politics and during this period, I have been through all kind of things but those things only became a lesson to me,” Darboe told his visitors.

The UDP leader said even Yahya Jammeh with all his violence, the people of Baddibu resisted him and therefore no one can conquer Baddibu from UDP.

“There is no need for you people to clear your position; everyone knows you are as clear about UDP as possible and nobody can change you,” Darboe told the group.

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The veteran politician added that, moving from one political party to another is not new in politics.

“But let me tell you that UDP is a very blessed party in this country and even myself, whom people are calling Mandela, any day I quit UDP, I will just  become a less important person in the country. UDP is a blessed party based on the truth for which many people have sacrificed their lives. If you were once in UDP and you leave, you may end up losing respect,” he added.

He said the UDP has an open-door policy that allows every Gambian, irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity or religion to come on board and as such it has no grievances against any individual.

Darboe tasked all UDP supporters to remain firm and solid, and to convince people across the country to join the party as politics is about numbers.

Ya Filly Jawara, a prominent member of All Baddibu UDP, said Momodu Sabally’s defection has not changed anything.

Sulayman Dampha, treasurer of the group, wondered which youths are happy about Sabally’s defection to NPP contrary to the former campaign manager’s new slogan. 

He vowed that All Baddibu will never waver in their quest to ensure that Gambians are out of hardship.

Speaker after speaker, including Aji Yama Secka the deputy party leader, Aji Yamu Ndaw Gaye Yarboe, Mamadou Lamin Dibba, chairman of All Baddibu UDP, Bolong Singhateh adviser, Almameh Jaiteh Bundung constituency, chairman and spokesperson of All Baddibu UDP, Binta Ceesay, Kitabou Singhateh, spoke along similar lines.

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