Umbro to come to The Gambia


The Goodwill Ambassador of Sports Tijan Jaiteh has announced that it has been appointed as the authorised representative assigned to introduce respected global sportswear group Umbro to The Gambia.

A statement from the office conveying the authorisation welcomed this development as a great opportunity for Gambian sports. “Having a country representative in Banjul means Umbro products can be easily and cheaply accessed by Gambians without any middlemen. We are delighted to be trusted with the privilege of introducing Umbro in The Gambia”, a statement from Ambassador Jaiteh stated. 

An accompanying statement from Umbro stated the company’s ”long term commitment to supporting sports in The Gambia”.


”Long-term partnership is what we strive to accomplish with our partners. We will also use our global relations in order to create value and enduring benefit to all concerned. Our focus would be on investing time and resources back into the community and working to establish an elite academy in combination with local trainers that could identify and shape tomorrow’s clubs,” Umbro ‘s Brian Katzen, chairman of the Umbro South Africa stated.