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Vision 2020: Jammeh not complacent


Speaking recently on behalf of the president at the conference of chiefs in Soma, Sabally, also the minister of presidential affairs stated: “Vision 2020 is six years away and the president’s intention is to achieve its target even before the year 2020 clocks in. We were able to develop this country thus far under President Jammeh without much external support but we rely on Allah and we will continue to prosper. I’m sure that Gambians will join him in further revving up our admirable progress towards the achievement of our goals much earlier than expected. We have bridged the gap in tandem in terms of disparities in gender enrolment and retention of students and spreading out thousands of miles of tarred roads putting a smile on the faces of travelers as they journey through the length and breadth of the country. In the midst of the turmoil in a volatile region, and around the world, we have been able to preserve The Gambia as an alluring oasis of progress, peace and transquility. We have brought hospitals and home-trained medical doctors to areas of this country that have never dreamt of such from the colonial era and throughout the first republic. We have transformed our country to a point that other countries that are bigger in size and population have been coming here to under-study our success stories in many areas so that they can replicate it in their own countries. As we reckon together our great achievements, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that President Jammeh is not known for complacency. The stakes are high and his ambition to raise this country to higher heights will never abate.”

Mr Sabally said that from 1994 to date, traditional rulers have always stood by to support the transformative July 22 Revolution. He noted that with their support and those of patriotic Gambians, government has been able to banish ignorance by “lighting the flames of education” throughout the country. 

“One of the greatest achievements of the July 22nd Revolution is the creation and reorganisation of institutions that better represent the interest of Gambians. As we approach Vision 2020, we have another milestone to attain in the interim and the president has been calling on Gambians to go back to the land to eat what we grow and grow what we eat. This did not start this year. Some of you heeded the call especially the women but the majority of us are yet to respond in a way and manner that he envisages. All these resounding successes could not have been achieved without the faith, vision, courage, determination and the persistence of President Jammeh.” 


By Lamin Baba Njie


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