Welcoming the Think-tank


There is no doubt that we have just pulled out of twenty two years of a brutal dictatorship, characterized by economic mismanagement and looting of public resources which led to the near collapse of our economy and the country is in dire need of rescuing, financially. Our current state is so pathetic that most of our citizens find it hard to provide the basic needs for their families. The cost of living is expensive and it keeps rising. As a result of this, most can only focus on how to feed their families and as such, other developmental needs have been put on the backburner.

This state of affairs has made it absolutely necessary for the government to find solutions, come up with ideas that can pull the country out of the economic and political quagmire that we find ourselves in. We need ways and means which will pull us out of this most difficult situation and bring in a better standard of living.

This means that the plans which the government will implement should not only be at the level of government but at the level of the ordinary citizens as well. The ideas must be such that all citizens can identify with them so that they can take ownership of them for rapid realisation which will be all inclusive. This requires sound and tried and tested knowledge which is not based on speculation but pure and clear knowledge.


It is therefore heartening to learn that today; the Government of the Gambia is launching a Think-tank which will do just that, brainstorming and coming up with sound and knowledge-based ideas that will pull us out of our current somewhat sorry state. It is hoped that this Think-tank will come up with timely, practical, applicable and comprehensive ideas and plans for the government.

However, it is necessary to proffer a word of caution here. The Gambia is very well-known for being among the best of planners; but woeful when it comes to implementation of those plans. We hope that this time every effort is made to ensure that whatever plans and ideas our Think-tank comes up with are put into practice to the letter.

Another syndrome that The Gambia is known for is easy contentment. It is a fact that after achieving a little, we become complacent and rest on our laurels. We must be ambitious and aim for the highest level of advancement and not be satisfied with little progress.

We hope that the government and people of the Gambia will give all kinds of support and cooperation to this body so that they succeed in the task they have been given. Together we can build a better Gambia.

Good luck to the members of the Think-tank!