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WFD launches CP4D project


By Aisha Tamba The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) recently launched the Commonwealth Partnership for Development (CP4D) project 2018 to 2020 held at a local hotel in Bakau. The project is entitled ‘enhancing women, youth and politically marginalised groups political participation and representation in decision making processes and institutions.’ The two-year project focuses on making political parties more open and inclusive to women, youth, persons with disability and minorities in their power and decision making structures and processes. The Gambia is one of the 18 beneficiary member countries. The executive secretary of national youth council Lamin Darboe, said young people have contributed in the political change of the country, adding that the project is relevant to the young people. “This project seeks to ensure that there is effort and accountability for the young people. “Getting young people into political participation is very important and relevant and we need to promote at the government level,” he stated. Chairperson of Gambia Federation of the Disabled Hon. Ndey Secka, said the government is not putting efforts to support the disabled people, adding that there are no rehabilitation centres for disabled people. “It is high time for even the CRC to call the disabled people for the constitutional review. We are as important as everyone else. Being disabled does not mean that we should be discriminated from the legislation, the political parties should support the disabled people,” she lamented. The chairperson of inter-party committee Hon. Halifa Sallah spoke on the importance of freedom of thought and expression, stating that without freedom of expression there is no democracy. He urged politicians not to seat in the office for the sake of power but to maintain peace and tranquility. According to the foundation, the activities of the project will include assessment of the internal governance instruments, systems, processes and structures of political parties with a view to determine their level of inclusiveness and participation of the target population.]]>

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