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According to our sources, the new executive is waiting on the Normalisation Committee to set up a date and time for the handing over which is not expected until the weekend. 

Meanwhile a source close to the new executive has revealed that the Kaba regime is not prepared to waste even a single minute in tacking the job ahead. “In fact even before they move to the Football House they are already preparing notes on their priority areas that must be achieved within their first 100 days,” a former member of the campaign team said.

Among the first things they must deal with is the formation or restructuring of the sub-committees in order to get them in line with the vision and mission of the new executive, our source added. It is expected that the sub committees would be injected with new names that will almost certainly changed the entire look-out of the lower echelon of the federation.

Mr Ebou Faye, the second vice president of the new executive has said that they will, within 100 days, come out with a fixed calendar that will specify starting and finishing dates for all competitions in The Gambia to avoid the chaos and uncertainty that hampers good preparation by coaches.

Mr Faye had also vowed that no stone would be left unturned in the quest to get Caf to pardon the country out of the two-year suspension. 

Also in the next few months especially after the ban is lifted, the new GFF leaders must engage government on the need for a coach for the national teams. 

Meanwhile, a former administrative secretary at the then Gambia Football Association GFF, Lamin Jassey now resident in the UK, has forwarded a ten-point action plan for consideration by the new leaders of Fooball House regime. These are as follows:

 1.) The President-elect Kaba, should immediately call a stakeholders meeting, offer an unconditional hand of friendship to all.

2.) He should appoint competent members of the other camps in the GFF sub-committees.

3.) Ensure there is cordial but professional relationship with the media.

4.) Foster a good working relationship with the government through the Department of Youth and Sports.

5.) Build trust and confidence with the business community the potential sponsors of the leagues and national teams

6.) Uplift the capacities of the administration staff at both central and regional levels

7.) Foster a cordial relation with Caf and Fifa as they are the indispensable partners we need for our football to advance

8.) Have an open-door policy

9.) Be responsive to criticism and take on board suggestions that can develop the game regardless of who offers them.

10.) Pay attention to detail, and always have a plan. As the saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail”.


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