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I will go when Gambians decide – Barrow

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By Mustapha Darboe

President Adama Barrow has said yesterday he is leaving his options open as to whether he will resign after three years as provided for in the agreement signed by the Coalition.
“It will depend on what the people want. Constitutionally the mandate is five years and we agreed on three years. We feel that we have to come together and compromise our principles to make sure we dislodge a dictator. It was just parties that came together. The Gambian people are bigger than the parties,” he said.

When asked to say specifically if he would resign after three years, the president said: “It is the Gambian people who will decide. I am not saying I am going to violate the agreement but if the Gambian people say… go after 3 years, I will go”.

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Below is a short excerpt of the interview:
How about if they say contest again after 5 years?
It is the Gambian people now.


How about if they say contest for the second term?
It is the Gambian people now.


So that means Adama can contest elections for two terms?
That is left to the Gambian people.

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