Witness: ‘Jobarteh ordered my arrest and detention’


Testifying as the state’s fourth witness in the ongoing case against former Justice Minister Jobarteh, Mr Diedrich explained that in February 2012, two vehicles – one private and another government – approached him and Mr Barry. He told the court that he identified Mr Jobarteh as occupant of one of the vehicles.

“He [Jobarteh] pointed at me and said, ‘arrest him and put him behind bars. I have warned you’. 

“And then he turned to me and said, ‘you have no land here.’”


Mr Diedrich said Jobarteh also gave instructions that they [Bernd and Barry] be denied access to lawyers when they were taken to the Brusubi Police Station. “Mr Jobarteh ordered that we should not have any contact with [our] lawyers and that we should not be [granted] bail. We were detained there for four days,” he said.

Ex-Justice Minister is standing trial for wrongfully retaking possession of a land from Mr Diedtricht in favour of one Mr Sowe, the possession of which Mr Diedrich obtained by writ of court when he [Jobarteh] was the Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

Jobarteh had denied the allegations. The case continues.