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Witness says witch-hunters made him carry human skull

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Ali Marr, a survivor of Yahya Jammeh’s witch hunting exercise in 2009, yesterday told the TRRC that he was handed a human skull by the witch doctors which they claimed was dug from the ground in his compound.

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Marr narrated how the hunters, escorted by two soldiers, arrived at his house when his family was having lunch and told him that there was an object in his compound they were looking for.

“They then acted as if they were digging a pit and suddenly pulled out an object that looked like a skull of a human being and placed it in my hands. I was astounded and up to this day, I am not clear how they came by that skull,” he said.
Marr said the witch hunters made him carry this skull for well over half a kilometer towards a bus that was waiting.

He said he later realized that the whole plan was to frame him so that they could tell people that he was found eating a human being.
He said he was arrested with Isatou Marr, Kolley Marr [his sister] and Awa Marr, saying at the time of their arrest, her sister was severely sick but that did not stop the witch hunters and soldiers from forcing her into the bus.

He said only his sick donkey and his son were left at his house.
Another survivor, Adama Gassama gave an account of the horrible treatment she and her husband suffered at the hands of the witch doctors.

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