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GDC NAM asks AG to stop BYM political activities

By Omar Bah

The GDC National Assembly Member for Niamina East has asked the Attorney General to stop the Barrow Youth Movement from promoting President Barrow’s political agenda because they are not registered as a political party.

Omar Ceesay said as a registered NGO, BYM is barred from conducting political activities.
“This is why I want to urge the AG to use his powers and ask them to stop their political activities. If they refuse to adhere to his advice, he should deregister them,” he told The Standard via telephone.

He continued: “The AG should immediately write to the movement because we cannot continue to tolerate the nonsense of the past in this country.”

Hon Ceesay alleged that BYM are using the NGO tag to mask their actual mandate which is to campaign for President Barrow even though the Gambian leader is yet to form his own political party.

“They are registered as an NGO but now all their activities are political and according to the law, NGOs should not take part in politics. So having the BYM going with the President during the Meet the People Tour to politic for him is unacceptable. This shows that they are just hiding behind the name NGO, but they are a political party in the making,” he said.

Ceesay said Gambians should not take the actions of the Movement lightly, given the experience under Jammeh who created the notorious Green Youths which terrorized the opposition parties.

“What interest does the President have to ask people to leave their political parties to join him? Where is his political party? We must wake up and stop this nonsense before it is too late,” he warned.

Ceesay said Barrow was elected by Gambians based on principles. “He should stop abusing his powers. He was not asked to bring any development. What we asked of him is to reform our institutions and he should respect those desires and aspirations of the people.”

Asked if GDC is threatened by BYM, Ceesay said these concerns are not and should not be only GDC’s. “I am raising these issues because as a Gambian, I believe it is only correct I condemn what I feel is illegal,” he added.

He dismissed as rubbish any suggestion that GDC supporters are switching to Barrow in large numbers.

“The genuine supporters of the GDC will always stick with the party which is getting bigger and bigger. Our supporters who they are claiming have joined Barrow have come out to clearly state that they are still with the GDC,” Ceesay concluded.

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