Woman takes ex-husband to court for threatening violence


By Aisha Tamba

One Foday Sidibeh has denied allegations that he threatened to kill his ex-wife with a broken bottle at her restaurant in Kololi.

He is charged with one count of threatening violence. According to the charge, on 8th November 2021 at Haddy Faye’s restaurant in Kololi, the accused with intent to intimidate threatened to kill her with a broken glass bottle, thereby committing an offense.


Standing trial before Magistrate Ebrima Colley, the accused yesterday told the court that he only went to her restaurant to inquire about his gold jewellery. “When I was going to my ex-wife’s restaurant, I was holding two bottles containing beer. I did not threaten to kill her; I went there to ask about my pieces of jewellery, gold chains and earrings. She answered me positively and I walked out of the restaurant”, Sidibeh told the court.

During cross-examination, the police prosecutor M Badjie put it to the accused that if there was no threat, why would his ex-wife lodge the complaint to the police. He responded: “When I asked her about the pieces of jewellery and she told me she has them in her bag, I left. Probably she saw me drunk that’s why she saw it as a threat.”  

The matter is adjourned to 24th May for judgment.