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30 Cricketers train as umpires, scorers

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By Fatoumata Joof

The Gambia Cricket Association on Thursday commenced a two- day training of some 30 cricketers to become scorers and umpires.They are being trained on new laws of umpiring and scoring techniques of cricket.

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The training aims to enhance the capacity and technical skills of umpires and scorers to effectively play cricket and improve recording scores.

In his welcoming remarks, the President of the Gambia Cricket Association Johnny Gomez said: “ We have not played cricket for a year due to the unfortunate saga of some players who boycotted and took away our equipment which has put us in a very difficult situation which we are still battling with.The International Cricket Council ICC are not happy with the Gambia because the Gambia could not have a tournament for a year ,” he lamented.
Mr . Gomez further explained that the association is working very hard to provide more training to build the capacities of cricket teams within the country.

He stated that the purpose of the current training is to prepare and increase the number of player umpires for the upcoming cricket competitions and to prepare the coaches and umpires for the annual coaching program which is organized by the International Cricket Council in Nigeria.

“ Without the umpires , the game cannot be played effectively and without the scorers you can not get the records,”he said

Elvis John , a player umpire said he is expecting to learn the new rules in cricket which he thinks will improve his performance in the game .” As an umpire it is vital to know the new techniques of umpiring”, he said.

Haddy Wally a player umpire said the training will enable her to have expand her knowledgeabout the game.

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