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City of Banjul
Saturday, September 26, 2020

A poem of our dawn

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Standing bewildered at dawn’s door

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The craft of a new day upon a world

The tools of a crafting fading away

Presenting the work of a craftsman

Who filled the spirit with awe

Falling down prostrate in praise

Revering the Eternal Artist


Then as the dawn enters

Descending upon us

Like a rose blossoming

The mind seeks pastures




Fresh beginnings


The dawn of our lives

Chasing away the gloom

Casting away the heaviness

Shadows of dreamy days

Lifting the mist of a myth


Time ceases to flow

The cosmic laws wither

For a split second

The stopping





Into the vortex of the infinite

Words cease to be of use

Life now revolves around us

Dew washing away separation

Falling in a primordial purity

Reclaiming the eternal dawning


A dawn dawning once more

On the good earth

The mind expands outwards

Minds of misfits, rebels and poets

Leaving this monotony

Tracing out the limitless new

The growth





For it’s the dawn of a new day



A new ray.


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