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Activist donates educational materials to school children

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Speaking at the presentation she said: “I have decided to celebrate my twentieth birthday in a different style by dedicating it to children and to share some of the difficulties that I have encountered when I was going to school like you by holding a plastic bag, wearing a slipper shoe and at times no lunch, since I am one of those kids that are unlucky to be brought up by both parents but with all the struggles here I am now.”

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She advised the students to believe in themselves and can one day become a president, lawyer, doctor or minister by making education their priority and have the strong believe that they can make it in life through hand work, discipline, dedication and determination.

Fatty also appealed to parents not to deprive their children to acquire education which she described as the best thing in life that a parent can give to a child.

She appealed to school administrators to continue encouraging students to speak English in school campuses for better understanding and good communication.

“Make the best use of this golden opportunity you have today, being in school and learning for free, many of your colleagues around the globe are still searching for this rare opportunity to be in school without discrimination and danger,” she said.

“The family or the environment you came from does not matter, since we have seen people that are from a very low or poor background and are now holding prominent positions in our society. We should always remember our past to learn from our mistakes, to remember our challenges to better solve our problems, because education is the only weapon we can use to change the world and make it a better place for you, me, generation yet unborn and the entire children of the world that other kids will look up to as their role models in the future. Challenge yourself with something you know you could never do and what you will find is you can overcome anything”

She thanked her donors, Your Change for a Change for making her realise her dreams to empower children through education.


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