Agric ministry gives implements to farmers


By Maimuna Sey-Jawo

The Government of the Gambia through the Ministry of Agriculture has yesterday distributed 167 sine hoes, 8 motorize seeders, 36 seeders and 2 threshers to farmers across the country.
According to officials, the items are made in the Gambia by Engineer Unit of the National Agricultural Research Institute in collaboration with the Gambia Technical Training Institute.

Presiding over the official handing over ceremony held at Banjulinding, the Minister of Agriculture Honorable Omar Jallow, thanked Mathew Gomez through NARI for the implements, adding that they will enhance output of Agricultural workers particularly the rural famers.
Minister Jallow revealed that 30 tons of groundnut seeds were recently distributed across the country, 6 tons per region to increase quality Agricultural production in the Gambia.


“We as a ministry, have to start the transformation of Agriculture and Agriculture in the Gambia cannot be transformed without mechanization and let the people not think that is only tractors we called mechanization, even sine hoes and other equipment like oxen drawn or donkey drawn are part of mechanization. Therefore today we are seeing seriousness in our technicians particularly the engineering unit of NARI for making sure mechanization is started,” he said.

The Agriculture Minister further congratulated the farming community for their endeavor and commitment for the.
For his part, Ansuman Jarju director general, NARI, expressed gratitude to the Agric Minister, noting since he took over office, he has give a due priority to the farmers, noting his heart is always for the Gambian farmers. He said the implements are a big plus to farmers as it will add value to their faming activities.

Mr Malthew Gomez, head of the Agric Engineer Unit NARI, who is the man behind this successfully made implements together with Gambia Technical Training Institute GTTI, explained that they have been working as a team to make sure that they achieve their aim for the country’s farmers, noting the implements are made by their own local artists from all over the country.
The ceremony was chaired by the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture.