‘APRC will contest the election solo’


Pa Modou Mbowe, a vocal APRC supporter and critic of the party executive committee’s current efforts to ally with President Barrow’s NPP, has said APRC will not join any party in the coming election.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Mr Mbowe said the current consultation by the executive committee is a futile exercise because the true supporters of the APRC will not vote for Barrow.

”They are just running around for their own interest. Look, only a few weeks ago they were due to embark on a tour but they said there was no money. How did they suddenly come by money to embark on this so-called consultation tour? As far as I know, President Jammeh did not say APRC can join any party,” he said.


Mr Mbowe further denied APRC’s claim that more people agreed than apposed the idea of an alliance with the NPP. ”Of course, you don’t expect them to say the exact position of things. They were challenged at Marakissa and they know that. In any case, the true supporters of APRC are not voting for Barrow; that is clear,” Mr Mbowe said.

Asked how APRC supporters would vote if they don’t like an NPP alliance, MBowe said: ”That question will answer itself when the nominations come. You will see an APRC candidate that will be the true flag bearer of the party.”

Asked to comment on President Barrow’s recent remarks that he alone cannot facilitate amnesty for Jammeh, Mr Mbowe said that is a clear message for all to learn from.

“Barrow is extricating himself from the false hope and pressure the APRC executive is putting on him to give the impression that he will bring Jammeh back.  That statement is making their false propaganda difficult to swallow. That is why you have people like Rambo Jatta jumping in an attempt to clarify Barrow’s statement as if he is the new spokesman for Barrow and the NPP,” Mbowe said.