Army in dilemma over Gen Martin’s suspension


By Tabora Bojang

The Gambia Armed Forces has said it is in a “dilemma” over the fate of one of its suspended generals.

Brigadier General Alagie Martin was sent on an indefinite administrative leave since his appearance at the TRRC a year ago,during which he admitted to some but denied other allegations of human rights abuses in the Jammeh regime.


Army spokesman Major Lamin Sanyang confirmed to The Standard that the army was faced with a dilemma since acting on the recommendation of the Ministry of Justice to send the junior general on leave because there is no such thing as“admnistrative leave” in the army.
According to him, there is no internal guidance prescribing the use of an administrative leave which made it daunting to determine whether the general should be placed on a paid or unpaid non-duty status.

“We are consulting with the Personnel Management Office, the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Finance to sort out the issue out,” he noted.
The army spokesman refused to hazard a guess on how long General Martin’s suspension will last, saying the army is yet to receive any correspondence from the justice ministry to reverse the decision.