Audio transcripts admitted in NIA 9 trial


By Mafugi Ceesay

Justice Kumba Sillah, the trial judge of the NIA 9, yesterday admitted the audio transcripts of the NIA 9.
The audiotranscripts are extracts of the interview audio of the NIA into the death of Solo Sandeng.

When the case was called, prosecution lawyer Antouman Gaye, announced his appearance with Yasin Senghore and Rachel Y Mendy for the state while E Chime appeared for accused Yankuba Badjie.
On the resumption of the trial after a long adjournment, the court deliberated on whether to admit the transcribed audios and video into evidence.
Defence lawyer Saikou Fatty urged the court not to admit the two into evidence, stating that the prosecution failed to lay a proper foundation.


But in her ruling, the trial judge said the document was relevant and signed by witness Abibatou Bah, noting that whether the document was transcribed or translated should not be weighted, rather the fact that it bore the signature of the witness and is germane to the hearings. She therefore admitted and marked the audio transcripts as an evidence.
In another development, Justice Kumba Sillah also informed the court that the trial will be allocated one hour instead of the usual two until the end of the current Muslim month of abstinence.