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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Barrel of a pen

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My pen is limping
Vomiting but no ink
The silence from a weapon
A weapon of truth or falsehood
The barrel of a pen
With salvos of silence sound
The greats and the good
Used the barrel of the pen
To silence despots
Giving wise counsel to society
Skeletons of heroes and heroines
The barrel of a pen oozing
Vomiting ink

With a stroke that pierces the heart
Behind prison walls
Before the gallows
The barrel of a pen
Much more deadly than
The barrel of a gun
Twisting history
Challenging stereotypes
Enlightenment of the ignorance

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The barrel of a pen
My pen limbs
My pen in silence
Mightier than the sword
Mightier than nuclear weapon
The barrel of a pen
It drives fear into the hearts of tyrants
Rest in peace

As keyboards assume your status
The barrel of a pen
Silences the lambs
Keyboards click click
As the mighty pen rest in peace
Decades of service to humanity
The pen

The mighty pen
Rest in peace
Click click
The keyboards
With the key words
Ode and obituary
Of the barrel of the pen

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