‘Barrow gov’t not interested in term limit’


By Alagie Manneh

GDC number two, Yusupha Jaiteh of Bakau, has accused President Barrow and his government of having “no interest” in introducing a presidential term limit in Gambian law books.
Two terms of five years was a campaign promise by Barrow and his Coalition.
However, one year after Jammeh, the bill is yet to be tabled at the National Assembly, and to Mr Jaiteh this demonstrated the Barrow government’s reticence on the issue.

“It has been a year now, and we have not heard anything regarding term limit from either Barrow or his circle, which means they have no interest in dealing with that,” he told The Standard.
“Presidential term limit is the major thing we are all waiting for because we have been accused of not having it in in our [GDC] constitution, which was not true… The way I am seeing things, they will not take care of it.”
Mr Jaiteh said the GDC is now ready to take a “bigger stump” in the country, “because we have been working while they [the Coalition] are fighting.”


He said while Barrow and his circle continue their “hoo-hah”, the GDC “constructed over 109 boreholes” throughout the country.
“We gave boreholes to some villages that have never had [potable water]. We also put up solar systems and stand pumps and many other things,” he said.

Mr Jaiteh said the GDC is doing what the government should be doing, and for that reason, Gambians will see the party as “the most genuine”.
“We are in the good books of the citizenry, and I think it’s definitely going to work for us,” he said. “We are preparing ourselves for the next presidential election…”