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Barrow Open to Dialogue Over 3 Years

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By Omar Bah

The director of press and public relations at State House, Amie Bojang-Sissoho, has said that President Adama Barrow is open to dialogue with Gambians over the 3-years agreement.

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“The President’s decision is that as a nation we must discuss and dialogue in a context that will help us move forward because what he wants is to make this country better than what it is.

So in doing that his perspective on the three years issue is for us to have a dialogue on the matter,” DPPR Bojang said at a press briefing at State House yesterday.

She said the President is also cognisant of the fact that there cannot be peace without dialogue.

“Yes, if the government fails to realise its dreams President Barrow will take the blame as the head of state.

But it is the responsibility of every institution in the Gambia that has a stake in the national development plan to make sure that you do what is expected of you…not for President Barrow to succeed but for the greater good of the Gambia,” she noted.

Commenting on the constraints government faces in implementing the NDP, Madam Sissoho said the loans pledged at the Brussels donor conference came along with certain conditions, adding that those conditions together with the country’s indebtedness make things complicated for the Barrow administration.

“Even the recoveries we have been making 60% of it is going into paying debts.

These are big challenges we cannot argue about. B

ut what is important is what we can do as a nation to overcome these problems,” she added.

She also disclosed that the formation of the anti-corruption commission is now in the hands of the ministry of justice.

OIC resignations
“Regarding the resignation at the OIC Secretariat, their contracts were on contractual basis and in any contract, parties can decide to resign whenever they so desire once a written notice is given.

Their replacement will be announced very soon.”

She said the government will engage the Gambia public procurement authority to address gaps and weaknesses in procurement procedures in a view to establishing proper and effective enforcement of procurement laws.

Madam Sissoho also explained how the department of strategic policy delivery at the Office of the President has successfully coordinated dialogue with the staff and management of the UTG to avert a planned demonstration over administrative, staff motivation, working condition, lack of communication on management decision and human resource.

She also said consultations are ongoing in various government departments to review the US report on human trafficking in The Gambia.

Janneh commission
However, she refused to comment on why President Barrow ignored the Commission’s recommendation to dismiss his chief protocol Alhagie Ceesay and Finance Minister Mambury Njie, arguing that the Gambian leader acted based on the advice he received from the Attorney General and the Cabinet’s recommendation.

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