Barrow urges farmers not to sell nuts to private buyers


By Tabora Bojang on tour

President Adama Barrow has called on farmers across the country to avoid selling their groundnut to middlemen who are only interested in making profits and instead sell to the government to show gratitude for the immense support rendered to them.

President Barrow made these remarks while addressing large crowds in Nuimi Lamin as he commenced a one-month nationwide tour Monday.


It comes amid growing concerns by farmers over the government’s low pay for groundnut, leading them to look elsewhere in the market.  The Government last week announced another rise in the price of a ton to D23,000 now.

“I am calling on all the farmers to sell their groundnut to the government. The middlemen are only interested in making profit out of you, but when the rainy season comes and you need fertilisers, seeds or machinery they [the middlemen] cannot provide it. So sell your groundnuts to the government and snub them so that we can all reap the benefits, since the profit made by the government comes back to the people”, Barrow said.

 He said since assuming office in 2017, his government has invested heavily in the farming sector disclosing that this year alone D250 million has been spent to help in subsidising fertiliser for farmers to get a bag for D700.

“Yes, it is a bumper harvest this year as people call it but that is because of the fertilizer, since our lands have become infertile and the high yield expected would not have been possible without fertilizer. If someone is washing your back, you should also help wash their stomach. The development of this country rests on all of us as Gambians and we should all endeavour to contribute our part to that dimension. This is why I decided to come and talk to the farmers, knowing there cannot be any meaningful development without their contribution,” the president added.

He stated that his government’s support to the farming sector was further manifested when Covid-19 ravaged the economy, with the provision of rice, sugar and other commodities worth over D800 million and also a cash of D6000 to families.

Youths must change mindset about Europe

Meanwhile, President Barrow has called on the youths to change their perception about Europe, saying if he can make it here, they too can.

 He was responding to queries made by the Essau Ward Councilor Kebba Jallow, who lamented among host of other issues, the lack of social amenities and opportunities for the youths of the region leading to mass exodus to the back-way in search of greener pastures.

 “Yes, social amenities are very important for the development of our youth but they [youths] must also change their mindset about the Europe syndrome and re-energise themselves with confidence that they can make it in The Gambia.  I was in Europe but I came back and after 10 years, I have achieved what a lot of people could not in 40 years while in Europe. It is very sad that most of our skills sectors like tailoring, mechanical works, fishing and baking are foreign dominated. Why can’t Gambian youths do the same?” Barrow asked.