Barrow warns against using democracy to cause division


The president of The Gambia has warned people not to use the new-found freedom and democracy to cause disharmony in the country.
In a statement delivered on his behalf by the Vice President Overseer on the occasion of the Muslim feast of Eid-ul-Adha, Adama Barrow said the flow of divergent views is not a threat but advised caution in exercising the right to speech.

“The diversity of perspectives and dissenting views in a nation, is not a problem but, sign of democracy in a nation. However, discretion is to be exercised not to allow the diversity and democracy to be steered in the direction of division, discord, and violation of the law. We should not allow divisive noises penetrate the wall of our solidarity and unity in the name of tribe, language, region, religion, party, ideology etc. the fundamental need of this nation is to raise the good call for solidarity, brotherhood and unity, and this is the only way we can pave for progress of our nation and realise the multiplicity of our hopes and aspirations,” President Barrow said.
Leading a nation momentarily shaken following last year’s disputed election, President Barrow urged Gambians to join forces in rebuilding the nation after what he described as “difficult experiences.”

He said: “There is no nation that has earned a better future freely and gratuitously, but created it with conscious resolve and determination. We now need to be committed to transforming our difficult experiences and misconception of democracy, pessimism and hopelessness by loving each other, disagreeing and agreeing on issues affecting our nation, into building our nation together for peace and progress of our nation.
“Promoting peace, solidarity and progress is not the responsibility of the government alone, but it is a shared responsibility of all Gambians to work for compliance with the law, our national heritage for unity, peace and progress.”