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-Central Baddibu NAM warns

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By Tabora Bojang

The opposition United Democratic Party NAM for Central Baddibu has said the suggestion that President Barrow is eyeing a third term is already destroying his international reputation.

Speaking to The Standard in response to the president’s supporters’ assertion that he is going for a third term, Sulayman Saho said the issue of third term is “no longer popular in the West African region and any leader who embraces the idea would be equally unpopular”.  

“I dare say that Adama Barrow’s association with the idea of a third term might have caused him to be overlooked for the honor of chairmanship of Ecowas, if at all he was ever considered,” he said. Saho said the other reason may be his “inability to deliver much needed reform programmes that will position Gambia as a beacon of democracy.”

According to the lawmaker, term limits are becoming the order of the day because both Ecowas and the AU have realised and recognised that it helps in maintaining political stability on the continent.

“Peace and stability will be hard to maintain in Africa if and when presidents intend to stay in power endlessly,” he said.

Saho said Barrow and his supporters need to know that the issue of third term is not just a local topic but an international and sub regional matter seen as a threat to peace, democracy and good governance around the continent.

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