Beakanyang applauds government White Paper


By Oumie Bojang

The government of The Gambia, on 25th May, 2022 released the much-anticipated White Paper on the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission’s Report. Since then there have been reactions from organizations and individuals at home and abroad including victim-led organizations.

The latest such organization is Beakanyang, one of the leading human rights civil society organizations in the country with keen interest in TRRC report implementation.


According to the organization, government’s position on each recommendation shows its political will to pursue justice for the victims and ensure that impunity never raises its ugly face in The Gambia.

“As an organization that has been part of series of consultations before the release of the White Paper, we wish to commend the government, particularly the Ministry of Justice for a job well done. So far, victims, victim-led organizations and other CSOs have renewed hope that perpetrators of human rights violations and abuses, especially those individuals that bear the highest responsibility for gross human rights abuses and violations will soon have their days in courts. This is expected to bring closure to the victims and help in the reconciliation processes,” he added.

It called on the government to expediate the implementation process and ensure that, all throughout this process, maintain transparency and accountability.

It also urged other stakeholders and the public to support the government in this implementation process.

“On our part, we reaffirm our commitment to continue working closely with victims in the post-TRRC while keeping an eye on government for the implementation of the report and its recommendations,” it ended.