Bed sheets, mattresses for deprived children, families


By Samsideen Ceesay

Deprived children and other struggling families recently received 10 bed sheets and mattresses.
They were donated by Ding Ding Yiriwa Federation, a non-governmental organisation in the fight for protection and promotion of children’s welfare.
The presentation took place at the federation’s office in Banjulinding.
The donation according to officials, is earmarked to help the less-privileged children with bed sheets as well as cater for their needs.

Speaking at the presentation, the manager of the Federation Alieu Mendy, said “the ultimate goal of the federation is to ensure that children are provided with quality education, provide them with requisite skills for gainful employment and as well as good health for sustainable growth”.


He said: “Since the formation of the federation, we have given out over 40 bed sheets to the deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and their families. We do this by regular home visits in order to detect the deplorable conditions of the children.

“A total of 190,000 dalasi is allocated to support this project. Some of these children do not have conducive accommodation and their parents may not have the financial obligation to provide bed sheets for their children.”

Also speaking, Lamin Sanneh, board chairman, Ding Ding Yiriwa Federation, explained that the federation operates in 10 affiliated areas and in each of these areas, “we have our representatives that are hired and assigned to work with the site committees regarding the protection and wellbeing of the children.”
Mr Sanneh added that “special focus” is placed on “deprived, excluded and vulnerable children in terms of economic empowerment and advocacy including their rights and responsibilities.

According to the findings of the site committees, some of the sponsored children of the federation didn’t have access to beds and this triggered efforts for further help.
“I urge the parents to be proactive in the protection of their children, because all the structured groups affiliated to the federation play a key role in the sustainability of this project”.

Kebab Nyangado, sponsorship and program coordinator, pointed out that the bed sheets are dedicated to the sponsor’s children who are enroll in the program of the federation.
Fatou Gaye, a beneficiary, thanked the federation and assured that materials donated will be utilised for its intended purpose.