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Steve Biko FC yesterday boycotted a rescheduled FA Cup replay match between them and Wallidan, citing inconsistencies by the GFF on the fate of the match.

 The original fixture did not take place because Wallidan turned up without Player Licences. However, the match commissioner had ordered that Wallidan players be photographed in line with regulations and the match played. But Biko had refused to play and were duly awarded all three points by the Organising Committee of the GFF who blamed Wallidan for the matter.

Wallidan lodged an appeal against the decision asking the GFF to call for a replay, citing the circumstances and the instruction of the match officials. 

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Last week, the GFF Appeal Committee met and overturned the Organising Committee’s initial decision on the matter which gave points to Biko. According to the Appeal Committee, the match should be replayed because, among other things, the rules relied on by the Organising Committee was dealing with ‘abandoning of a match’, not a match that has not kicked- off, as is the case with this one. 

The Appeal Committee therefore declared that the Organising Committee had erred in their judgment and ruled that the match should be replayed.

However, Biko replied to that Appeal Committee’s decision by calling the GFF inconsistent and its organising Committee incompetent. Below is the full text of their letter:

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Dear Secretary General


Following receipt of your letter regarding the decision of the GFF Appeal Committee, I write to draw your attention to the issue of inconsistency in your decision making.

It is unfortunate that while you have been able to point out that Wallidan FC have deliberately breached the GFF rules and regulations and they are guilty of gross negligence by failing to produce their players’ licences, thus resulting in points awarded to Steve Biko FC; the fact that this decision has been overturned therefore raises the question of incompetency on the part of the Organising Committee. If not then what punishment does Wallidan FC get for causing a GFF match to be called off?

May I please refresh your memory on your letter dated 19th March, 2014 with ref: GFF/NLC/32/P1/(MO-68), a match between Sait Matty FC and Lamin United FC where Sait Matty FC failed to produce their players’ licences, the match did not kick off and points were automatically awarded to Lamin United FC. Why must it be different with Steve Biko FC?

On our part, it must be clear to you that we still hold on to the decision of the organising Committee. With the match rescheduled for Monday, I put it to you that we are not interested and will not play. 


Yours in sports,


Lamin K. Jammeh

Asst. Secretary General


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