Speaking to this paper after walking into our offices last evening, Mr Mané a cousin to the slain Bissau general Ansoumane Mané, stated: “Africa needs strong leaders to tackle corruption and President Jammeh is a leader whose fight against corruption is there for everybody to see. When president-elect of Guinea Bissau met with him in Banjul last week, they discussed issues that are critical to the development of both countries. He [President Jammeh] said Vaz needs an electrical broom and this is because he needs to be an iron leader in an iron country. Corruption takes many ways and you need strong people like Jammeh to stop it. Prevalent corruption can even lead to the rise of extremism. When you look at countries like Nigeria, Boko Haram came as a result of the high level of corruption which led to deprivation in the northern Nigeria.”

Mané said corruption has caused instability in many African countries “which is why it is essential for everybody to cooperate with a leader like President Jammeh. 

“It is the duty of all Gambians, especially journalists, to support their leader in his anti-corruption campaign for growth and development.  The continent needs strong leaders like President Jammeh; not banana presidents who can’t do anything meaningful for their people but talk, talk. The media has a role to expose corruption and corrupt officials. 


“I am happy that President-elect Vaz came to see President Jammeh. Since 1998, I have strove hard for The Gambia government to intervene and bring peace in Guinea Bissau. President Jammeh has always supported the idea of peace in Guinea Bissau and has given advice to its leaders on how to go about the peace process through reconciliation. President Vaz came to officially hand himself over to Jammeh as a way of seeking guidance, help and direction on how to make that country go forward. All good Bissau-Guineans and Gambians support this entente.”


By Lamin Njie