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Bottrop sponsors donate 40ft container to Kinderdorf Kindergarten

Bottrop Project Kinderdorf Kindergarten received a 40ft container from the Bottrop sponsors under the leadership of Wolfgang Gerrits, the chairman of Bottrop Sponsors.

The container is timely as the school year begins. 

The container contained school materials including 50,000 face masks.

Speaking during the arrival of the container, the project coordinator, Pa Arona Jagana, expressed his appreciation and said the items were very much needed in the school. He said it has now become a custom that every year a 40ft container loaded with items is sent to them.

He said the objective is to promote quality education and health care in the Kindergartens and surrounding communities.

According to Mr Jagana, the Kindergartens now have a soccer Aacademy, and that some of the sporting materials in the container will go a long way.

He said the 50,000 face masks will be distributed to educational institutions and health centres within the region.

He then thanked the West Coast Regional Office and the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education “for always making the clearance of the container possible”.

“Massive thanks and appreciation to the chairman of the board committee in Bottrop Germany, Wolfgang and all the sponsors for their generosity,” an elated Mr Jagana said.

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