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Busumbala NAM not worried about UDP in his constituency


By Olimatou Coker

The National Assembly Member for Busumbala Constituency has said he is not worried about the much talked about massive rally by the UDP in his town.

Following the rally Saturday, the UDP said the town has decided to stay yellow.

But in his reaction, NAM Saikouba Jarju said Busumbala is just one settlement in the constituency [of the same name] adding that a meeting at one town alone cannot mean the entire constituency.  

“The crowd that was shown on that day was transported to Busumbala because the number of eligible voters in Busumbala is less than the population that attended  that meeting, so obviously they are just trying to mislead people. Busumbala has not yet decided and if they have to decide, they will decide with the NPP because Busumbala never goes against government, more especially a government that is working for the best interest of the people since 2016,” Jarju said.

Commenting on the NPP/APRC alliance, Jarju  who defected to the NPP after expulsion by the UDP,  said there is nothing  regrettable in the marriage between the two parties.   “Both are registered political parties and are free to form alliance to gain more weight to fight against their fellow competitors just like it happened in 2016. We need to reconcile and the APRC feels that NPP is the best and most viable party to join. I know there will be no regret,” he said.

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