CA denies receiving vehicles from Barrow


By Omar Bah

The Citizens’ Alliance (CA) party has issued a statement debunking claims that President Adama Barrow donated the party three pick-up vehicles, following its leader, Dr Ismaila Ceesay’s visit to State House.

The party is accused of accepting three pick-up trucks from President Barrow, thus resulting in its silence over the past few months.


But in a statement issued yesterday, CA rebutted: “This is totally false. The party wishes to make it categorically clear that CA did not receive any vehicle from the president for any reason or purpose prior to or after the December 2021 elections.”

The party said it was the president who requested to see its leader and that his visit was mainly to honour the invitation.

“It is true that the decision to meet Barrow was never discussed at any prior executive meeting. However, when the President requested to see Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, the latter consulted the party’s national president, Mr. Dominic Mendy, for his advice. Mr. Mendy advised him that the president can request to see any citizen if he so wishes and that Dr. Ceesay would have no option but to go and listen to what the President has to say. Premised on this, Dr Ceesay met with the president,” the party said.

The party said it is guided by principles and that its leadership is resolved to safeguarding those principles at all cost.

“While celebrating the internal democracy we are known for, we continue to tolerate dissenting voices. Notwithstanding, we wish to remind all our members that CA, like any other organization, has codes of conduct for its members and our actions and inactions are to be confined within those dictates,” it added.