30.2 C
City of Banjul
Saturday, October 23, 2021

CHAN Gambia and Guinea Bissau

After a goalless draw in Saturday’s friendly against Guinea Bissau CHAN Gambia have left pundits and scribblers with a blank page on their record sheet. Was it a case of complacency or a simple case of inability to score? For chances there were. But if not against Guinea Bissau can we guarantee that there will be torrent of goals against Mali: Let us to go Bissau first next Saturday to judge. But I have heard Sang Ndong said many times that the instinct to judge and score a goal at any given moment is very much a player’s role rather than the coach. “You simply cannot coach that.


It has to be a natural instinct of the player who comes across that chance,” Sang had said many times before. But supposed the boys score in Bissau in the return friendly (this must a very warm friendly to warrant a return leg) and we are in dreamland, shall we be any better f we fail to score in the match that matter on July 15 against Mali? That is what we call constituency. Importantly that is what is needed from now against July 15 and beyond.

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