Charity donates to families in West Coast Region


Taiba Charity Center (TAIBA), an Islamic charitable organization that operates based on principle of Islam, recently donated 700 bags of rice and 700 five-litre of cooking oil to different families in West Coast Region. The donation held at the Yundum football grounds benefited seven hundred families across the West Coast Region. The gesture is meant to support the needy families in the month of Ramadan.Taiba Charity has over the years dug boreholes and constructed mosques for communities across the country.

The Taiba Charity Center CEO, Haruna Mahamadou Camara, said the food items were donated by the Dubai King Muhammed Bin Rashid through his Foundation Al Maktoum Global Initiatives to Muslims across the country. He said the Dubai King’s Foundation is targeting 100 million families globally every Ramadan. Camara said the foundation mainly targets vulnerable women across the world especially those who toil in the gardens and rice fields to make end weet.

“The support given to needy families in The Gambia was sent through Taiba Charity for onward delivery across the country. Today, we are donating 700 bags of rice and 700 five litre cooking oil to families in the West Coast and the same amount of items will be donated in the Upper River Region,” he said. He said similar donations were given to the West Coast in previous years.


“We want to extend our sincere gratitude to the King of Dubai for his generosity and assure him that the items will be distributed accordingly,” he said.

The spokesperson of Taiba Charity Center who doubles  as the new National Assembly member for Bundung, Sulayman Jammeh, urged the beneficiaries to use the items judiciously. He said the charity has over the years dug boreholes and built schools across the country through the support of Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and other partners. “Founded in 2010, Taiba seeks to complement the government’s development efforts,” he said.