Coach takes WRCA to task


Yaya Darboe, coach of the Brufut United team alleged that his team had suffered two last minute cancelations that have cost them a lot of money and waste of time. ”The first one was at the Fifa Goal project where we turned  for a match only to find the U-20 team training on the pitch, Then we traveled to meet Berefet in Block village only for the match commissioner there to call off the match  because Brufut players’ cards were not stamped. I think that is too much for us now. I am urging the association to get more serious with the league now,” Darboe complained. 

Responding to these claims, the WCRA president Abdou Karim Sey admitted both cases could have been handled better. ”The match at the Goal project was in fact a rescheduled match for both teams and could not be played because a breakdown of communications led to that clash with a  U-20 training,” Sey said

On the blocked match, Karim Sey said again the non-stamping of players’ card is an administrative error and it is unfortunate that the match commissioner should cancel the match. ”He should have allowed the match to go on. But I can assure you that the match would be replayed and there will no loss of points to Brufut in this account,” he said.


Mr Sey assured the regional league clubs of his assocation’s resolve to deliver the very best of a league in this maiden year.  ”I understand the frustrations here and there but all of us  in the region must bear with each other and know that this is the starting for all of and together we shall all learn to get better  as we progressed.  This year is generally a test case for regional leagues and in fact WRCF, is the first region to implement this new features in Gambian football and we are doing our best to deliver,” the soft spoken Mr Sey explained. 


By Lamin Cham