Commit your National Assembly aspirants to TRRC report implementation, says Beakanyang boss


The executive director of Beakanyang has called on Gambian electorate to encourage their National Assembly aspirants to commit themselves to the implementation of the TRRC report.

Nfamara Jawneh was speaking yesterday in an exclusive interview at his office in Serrekunda.


“As they come to your communities asking for your votes, you should also ask them to commit themselves to holding government accountable for effective implementation of TRRC recommendations,” he said.

According to the human rights advocate, the Gambia’s Never Again slogan to ensure that the gross human rights violations that took place during the former regime are not repeated will be meaningless without effective implementation of the TRR report.

“TRRC in its report recommended a lot of things that if fully implemented would no doubt boost our human rights record as a country,” said Jawneh.

According to him, victims of past human rights violations need closure and members of the National Assembly would be in better a position to put pressure on government to implement the TRRC report.

He noted that by the time government comes out with its White Paper on TRRC report, elected NAMs should join the advocacy and amplify the voices of the victims and victim support organizations.

He added that institutional reforms, reparations, prosecutions and many other good things were recommended in the TRRC report and NAMs could play a very import role in supporting victims to get justice while holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Mr. Jawneh added: “When they come to you for your votes ask them if they read the TRRC report and if they did not read it, ask them to find a copy of the report to read and help advocate for the government to implement it. This is an opportunity for voters to get our prospective NAMs to commit to advancing human rights once they get elected into office.”